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Teachers, here is a new way to integrate technology into your classes. Go to and sign up for a free wikispaces account. Here you can set up your own class wikis and add your students as members where they can create and edit their own pages or even edit the pages of other students in the class depending on the permissions that you set up. You can set up additional wikis by class, hold discussions, and upload files, etc.

This wiki site will have wikitips, wikitricks, and other good stuff to help you along. Steve Delaney and Lee Mitchell will work with you one on one to help you set up your classes and show you how to use this new tool. Some of you will be able to do it without our help. This is a great way to integrate technology in your classes. As you set up your wiki, we can put a link to it on the navigation bar. Even if you make it private, it will be a convenient way for your members to find it, as well as all the other wikis at PA.

Become a 21-C teacher and get started now!

Need some help? View the video on how to edit your wiki.